Redeeming Advent, Lucy Rycroft ~ REVIEW!

I didn't know much about Lucy Rycroft (of DesertMum fame) until I spontaneously decided to join the launch team for her debut devotional book, Redeeming Advent, but she had me with the first line of her introduction: "I am hopelessly lacking in spiritual discipline..."

I wanted to jump for joy and be like "Me too!" Finally someone who is writing from my perspective! Ha ha, I joke, but you and I both know that sometimes, it's helpful to hear from people who are living out their faith in a very real way, in a way that you can relate to, and not in a way that makes you think you need to go live with some monks for six months to reach their depth of spiritual maturity!

So, first up, Lucy is funny, relatable and down to earth... and because I'm funny, relatable and down to earth, I quite like her (joking again!)! And it makes her book really easy to read.

Redeeming Advent is a 24 day devotional that guides you through the chaos of the Christmas season pointing heavenward.

As someone who has grown up in contemporary, evangelical, non-denominational churches I have always struggled with advent. Sometimes I wonder if my particular 'breed' of church has lost out when it comes to traditions, liturgy and the church calendar (which includes a number of events I have never heard of in church, let alone acknowledged or celebrated). Of course, I know advent as the time where we count down to Christmas (and eat chocolate for breakfast), and I could probably blag an explanation by talking about how we are waiting for Christ to come or something, but I'm ashamed to say that's as far as my understanding goes. I really did need someone to hold my hand through a spiritual journey of advent!

Despite reading the book in September, I was hooked from Day 1. I found myself wanting to hang on Lucy's every word, having a sense that there was treasure within these pages and that simply skimming through wouldn't do the book justice.

Lucy uses anecdotes from her life as a busy mum to draw out the meaning behind the festive season,  so often missed or glossed over in all the chaos and pressure to create something Pinterest perfect, and the lessons we can learn. I loved how so much of it felt really applicable, rather than just looking backwards to a story of old. The book is split into four sections: Redeeming Our Home, Redeeming Our Christmas, Redeeming Our Hearts, and finally Redeeming Our Communities, so you can see Lucy's heart for looking upwards and outwards as well as inwards.

At the end of each day are a couple of questions and a prayer. The questions were thought provoking and caused me to look deeper rather than merely parroting the answers that I knew were expected from a life-long Christian like me, and with the prayer I began to look forward to each day when I would set aside time to really think and pray about the issues raised.

I will definitely be embarking on the Redeeming Advent journey again come December 1st. I feel inspired to be a bit more intentional this year about marking advent in a meaningful way, and this book is the catalyst for that.

Redeeming Advent went on sale on Friday, so you can order your copy NOW, by visiting AmazonEden, or anywhere decent that sells books!

Keep an eye out for the Redeeming Advent blog tour coming up at the end of the month (I'll share details nearer the time). Lucy will be here on November 7th with a little interview and a GIVEAWAY (**now closed**) and there will be an opportunity to win a signed book at every stop on the tour, so make sure you follow along!

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a free digital copy of Redeeming Advent for the purposes of review, but was under no obligation to write a positive review.

Redeeming Advent, Lucy Rycroft ~ REVIEW! Redeeming Advent, Lucy Rycroft ~ REVIEW! Reviewed by Love Emily on October 14, 2019 Rating: 5

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