REVIEW: God's Brilliantly Big Creation Story by Dai Woolridge

Disclaimer: I was asked by the lovely people at SPCK Publishing to review this book and they kindly sent me a copy for this purpose, but all views are my own and honestly given.

We love a good book in our house and it just so happens that the creation story is Ruby's (8) favourite bible story - that maybe because she insists on starting the bible from the beginning and doesn't get much further, but I digress! So, when SPCK Publishing offered to send me a creation story children's book for review, we were only happy to oblige! 

The marketing on their website says that God's Brilliantly Big Creation Story is ideal for children aged 3-6 but honestly, it's got something for everyone and I think older kids will love it too. Written in rhyme, it begs to be read aloud and has a touch of the popular 'spoken word' style about it. The words are rhythmic and exciting and you really do feel like you're working up to the climax of creation - when God made man! It turns the often dry words of creation into a personal and adventurous journey, and reminds us that God was probably having the best time as he spoke the world into being! So naturally, when I sat down to read it with Joel (almost 5) it ended up with the whole family listening in!

Children's bible stories run the risk of being a bit twee and samey, but this definitely brings the creation story into the 21st Century and offers something a bit different. Many of the pages feature facts from the world of nature, maps from the world of geography and of course you can't help but search through the illustrations for all those humorous details that otherwise could have been missed - a personal favourite being a space-dog sat on top of the moon asking why he was there, a nod to the history of space travel!

With Joel just beginning his reading journey and Ruby moving away from us reading together, this was a lovely book that brought us all together and I'm sure will be read again and again. Bob Hartman endorses it by saying "Dai's words burst off the page in honour of God's creative love. A unique and compelling retelling of the creation story", and I couldn't agree more.

Available from SPCK Publishing, Amazon and wherever you might order books from!

REVIEW: God's Brilliantly Big Creation Story by Dai Woolridge REVIEW: God's Brilliantly Big Creation Story by Dai Woolridge Reviewed by Love Emily on April 18, 2021 Rating: 5

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