Meeting God in music

Do you know that God is a creative God? He is the one who spoke the stars into being, his very voice caused atoms to collide, cells to multiply and space to take form. He is The Creator. By definition He has a creative spirit. He is the very opposite of the one who comes to destroy, but just by being, He exists to create.

And then we, humanity, are made in His image. Which means that we too are creative. Just by existing as a human race we reflect creation and inbuilt within us is this desire to create after ourselves. 

Isn't that amazing? And you might not think that you're particularly creative, but I believe that in each of us there is something which causes us to create. Not only are we writers, artists, musicians and sculptors - but we're chefs, party planners, atmosphere builders, inventors, problem solvers; we are all creative in our own way.

So is it any wonder, that as a created and creative being, we find ourselves experiencing our Creator through creation?

For you that might be taking a walk and experiencing nature or marvelling at the stars in the night sky. For me, it's music. I'm not a musician by any stretch of the imagination; I love to sing but I would never class myself as a singer. But stick some music on and crank up the volume and I can so easily be transported to the heavenlies and feel close to my Creator in that moment. I can be in a large scale conference of 10,000 people, or alone in my living room annoying the neighbours, the effect is the same. Most of the time, it will be through worship music, I mean the Holy Spirit is woven through it! But not always, sometimes a good instrumental, film soundtrack or well-messaged Disney classic will do the job too.

Music speaks to me, as it speaks to so many of us. God often speaks to me through music. I'm not great at memorising Scripture but I only need to hear a decent song once and it's ingrained in my spirit, the truth-filled lyrics embedded in my soul. When life gets tough, a declaration of song is the first thing that springs to mind.

And given that I've been listening to Christian music for the last 25 years, I've got a pretty big bank of lyrics in my back pocket. So much so, that for me, there is a song for all occasions. So I thought I'd begin sharing those songs with you, and at the end of my posts you might start to see 'A song for all occasions' where I think there's a particular song that relates. I might even share with you my playlists which I compile for all different moods and circumstances!

For me, it's powerful stuff, it's one of the ways I experience God. For you, I hope at the very least it's helpful or inspiring, but maybe it might help you to experience God in some way too.

A song for all occasions...

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