Making an impact: Purpose, community & snowflakes

This week has been full of excitement - our little corner of England missed out on snow a couple of weeks ago, but this week more than made up for it! We don't have snow often here, definitely not every year but maybe every three or four years you get just enough snow to provide us with a few days of fun.

It started on Sunday and because it was a bit damp there was a big question mark over whether it would settle, but come Monday morning there were inches of the stuff! I excused the kids from their home learning for a couple of hours, told my colleagues I might be a bit late logging on, and we headed out to build a snowman, throw some snowballs and take the sledge for an outing down the hill at the back of our house. Just enough fun to make some memories before the kids were complaining of frozen toes. This never happens, I had thought, we must do it before the snow melts!

But it's Thursday and the snow has stuck around. We're experiencing sub-zero temperatures at night and yesterday afternoon saw blizzard like conditions into the evening.

England is terrible at coping with snow. If it weren't for lockdown you can guarantee that the schools would have been closed and the public transport systems would have ground to a halt by now. Not so much of a problem in lockdown, but snow has the potential to massively disrupt our lives.

One tiny snowflake

And yet, if you looked at one tiny snowflake in all its fragility, you would never imagine that it could ever have such an impact. Join that snowflake together with billions of other like-minded snowflakes intent on the same mission, and they can stop a country in its tracks!

And you know life can be a bit like that. On our own, we can't always accomplish much. But when we gather together, intent on the same mission, united under a common cause and each performing a role to the best of our ability, it makes a difference. You make a difference. 

You were designed for purpose

You were designed for purpose. And you were designed for community. And those two things together make an impact. We need both! So who are you joining together with? And together, what is your mission?

Be encouraged. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, together we’re changing the world. Genuinely.
“Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.” - 1 Corinthians 12:27

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