Choosing a word for 2021: More

Over the last few years, as many do, rather than a new year’s resolution, I’ve chosen a word. A word that will frame my thinking and my decisions and that will guide me and push me into my goals. Last year’s, I’m sure was a write-off… I can’t even remember what it was (hibernation would have been a good one, thanks, 2020!). In 2019 it was ‘intention’.

So what one word am I choosing for 2021? What word could possibly frame my life in a year when anything could happen, when all bets are off, when we’re convinced that things can’t possibly get any worse and that the only way is up?

I’m choosing ‘More’.

I know what you’re thinking! How could you possibly want more of what we’ve just had?! Are you insane?!

Throughout 2020 and in my spirit today I am convinced that there is more. I’ve been feeling for a while that there is more to life than this. There is more to life than lockdown. There is more to my relationship with God. There is more that He wants me to do. There is more that He wants to do in and through my family, in my church, in my city.

When everything around us is falling apart, what one cry seems appropriate? More of you, God!

I’ve spent 2020 on a white knuckle ride, blindly grasping at sinking sand and trying to work out which way is up. Whatever 2021 may bring, it surely can be made better by more of Jesus.

I am believing for more.

After a year when so many experienced lack, loss and a shrinking of their sphere, I’m believing for more.

Oh that the Lord would bless me indeed and enlarge my territory! May His hand be upon me, that I might not cause pain! 1 Chronicles 4:9-10

I’m believing for...

  • More opportunities.
  • More choices.
  • More resource.
  • More freedom.
  • More of His word.
  • More of His presence.
  • More prayer.
  • More of Jesus.

Because when God breaks out, when His blessing rains down upon us, when He responds to our cries for more of Him - He surely responds, He surely delivers. And we cannot be left disappointed!

When my circumstances are uncertain and I don’t know what tomorrow looks like, More Jesus will be the prayer of my heart. Why? Because God might not answer my prayers for comfort and for safety, He might not answer my desires for a simple, easy life - but He will always, always, always respond to my desire for more of Him.

What are you believing for this year?

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