Remember Who You Are: Tackling a Poverty Mindset

"Who told you you had no inheritance?"

The question came with raised eyebrows and a mock scolding tone that comes from a woman of faith who knows what it is to rely on God for all things.

"Um..." Nope, I didn't have an answer!

The conversation had begun innocently enough, we were bemoaning our grey hairs, talking about age, which had led on to our achievements and then what we had hoped to achieve by the time we were this age (for the record she's 30, which in my eyes, is like a baby. The four years I've got on her means EVERYTHING!).

I guess for me, growing up I remember my parents to be 30-40ish, that's how old they were when I was in primary school, and I remember thinking that they were really old, and they had it all together (I'm guessing this wasn't true at all), and that by the time I was that age, I too would have it all together - cue hysterical laughter, right?!

And I don't.

So my colleague, who exudes joy and wisdom, the type of person for whom God comes out of her pores, asked me "What did you think you would have achieved by this age?"

And so I answered that mainly, we didn't own a house and then proceeded to tell her all the reasons why, including that it would take a large inheritance (which probably isn't on the cards) for us to get on the property ladder in our area.

Note to self: If you want to wallow in your poverty mindset, don't speak to a Nigerian faith powerhouse about it!

"Who told you you had no inheritance?" she cried. "That is a lie from the devil! You are a daughter of the King, child of the Most High God, adopted into His family. He owns everything on this planet. Everything He has is yours. You think He wouldn't give this to you?"

Well... I literally have no comeback for that. My friend is absolutely right.

God has never left me homeless (and there were a few opportunities), He has always provided for us when it comes to homes and finances related to homes. My biggest fear is that we will still be paying high private rents when we retire, and then that there will be nothing for our kids. But I know that He has always provided, and He won't stop just because we hit retirement age, and He won't stop providing for our kids once we die.

So yes, in the natural, buying a house in your thirties when you're paying rent and raising a family seems pretty impossible. And sometimes it can get you down. BUT it's always worth surrounding yourself with people who will challenge that poverty mindset and remind you of who you are (Cue Mufasa... "Remember who you are...") and whose you are.

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