Making a Comeback


Well here we are. My name is Emily (obvs!) and in a nutshell, I'm a thirty something writer who has been navigating the blogging world since blogging time began (I think my first blog began in 2003!). You might remember me from my previous, and now defunct, blog - Emily Davies Writes. I got to a point a few years ago where I didn't feel like I was adding to the conversation, and in a world where information is flung at you from all sides, my blog lacked purpose and I lost my love of it. I wanted my writing to be meaningful, inspiring and creative. I wanted people's lives to be changed as a result of reading something that I had written. And I wasn't doing that.

I have had the vision for this blog since about 2012. You see, I was navigating life online, reading lots of blogs, lots of people's stories, but nothing was really resonating with me. I wanted to meet a blogger who was my age, female, devoted to a life of faith - but someone who was, well, normal! (If there is such a thing!).

I was finding lots of home-schooling eco-warrior mamas, lots of go-getting career focused, entrepreneurial world-changers, lots of super spiritual women on the road to ordination... all of them amazing in their own ways. But I'm just a mum, who works part time, living in suburbia. I have dreams of changing the world but I never quite turn them into reality. My world often feels like ground-hog day!

And yet in all of the 'ordinariness', God is moving, he's changing my world, he's changing me, he's using me. Have I got huge dreams and goals? Hell. Yes. Do I lie awake at night worrying that I may never fulfil my potential and that there has to be more to life than this? All. The. Time. But do I have stories to tell, all about the goodness and greatness of God? Do I feel called to communicate and to share stories so that others might get to know how amazing He is? Do I think that if God can use someone like me, then He most certainly can use any other 'ordinary' girl who thinks that she's missed the boat? Of course!

So, if you're just looking for somewhere that you can come, have a catch up over a coffee, sharing stories of God working in your life - however ordinary that life might seem - then hopefully you can find that space here. I'd love to hang out over a virtual latte and share stories with you, and maybe as you write your own story, you'll share that with me too!

And if you're wondering what the 'in pursuit of life' bit is all about? It comes from Jesus in John 10:10:

I came that they may have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance [to the full, till it overflows]. ~ John 10:10 (AMP)

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